Type of road pavement

Type of road pavement :

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Road pavements are generally classified into three types :

A)      Flexible Pavement :
·         The  pavements which have very low flextural strength.
·         Flexible in their structural behavior under wheel loads .
·         The pavement deforms if the sub -grade deforms.
·         In flexible p[avements the vertical load of traffic is transmitted to the lower layers by grain to grain transfer.
·         A well compacted granular structure forms a good flexible pavement layer.
·         The load transferring ability of the flexible pavement depends on the type of material and thickness of pavement.
·         Example of flexible pavements are – bituminous pavements, water bound macadam , gravel pavements etc.

B)      Rigid Pavement :
·         Rigid pavements are those which possess considerable flextural strength of flextural rigidity.
·         A rigid pavement derives its capacity to withstand loads from flextural strength.
·         The rigid pavement has the slab action andf is capable of transmitting the loads to wider area.
·         The rigid pavement does not get deformed to the shape of the lower surface as it can bridge the minor variations of the lower layer.
·         Example of rigid pavements are – cement concrete pavements.

C)      Semi Rigid Pavement  :
·         Semi-rigid pavements represent an intermediate state between the flexible and the rigid pavement.
·         The flextural strength of such type of pavement is much lower than the concrete slab.
·         Example of semi-rigid pavements are- lean cement concrete , soil cement and lime -puzzolanic construction etc.

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