Civil Engineering MCQ test - Surveying and Levelling 4

Civil Engineering MCQ test : Civil engineering mcq test on surveying ans levelling . Surveying and levelling are the most important subject of civil engineering branch. These test is helpful for the many govorment exam such that SSC JE , KMC AE AND SAE , DSSSB , PSC JE, SAIL , PGCIL , NPCC, NBCC, NTPC , DRMC and others exam .

              1. The datum adopted for India is the -
                   A. MSL at Kolkata
                   B. MSL at Madras
                   C. MSL at Karachi
                   D. MSL at Bombay

                   Answer : D
              2. The BM  established by the the survey of India is known as the -
                   A. Arbitary BM
                   B. GTS BM
                   C. Permanent BM
                   D. All of these

                       Answer : B
               3. The suface of stilln water is considered to be -
                    A.   Level
                    B.   Smooth
                    C.    Horizontal
                    D.   None of these

                            Answer : A
               4. The operation of levelling  to determine the elevation between two points is known as -
                    A. Simple levelling
                    B.  Fly levelling
                    C. Differential lewvelling
                    D. Check levelling

                              Answer : C

              5. The BM is fixed at the end of a day's work is called the -
                   A. Temporary BM
                   B.  Arbitary BM
                   C. Permanent BM
                   D. All of these

                                Answer : A

             6. The operation of levelling across any river is termed -
                  A. Longitudinal levelling
                  B.  Cross levelling
                  C.  Differential levelling
                  D.  Reciprocal  levelling\

                                  Answer : D

               7.  The real image of the object is formed -
                     A. In the plane of cross -hairs
                     B. At the centre of the telescope
                     C. At the centre of the eye-piece
                      D. All of these

                                      Answer : A

                 8. The contour interval is inversly proportional to the -
                      A. Extent of the area
                      B.  Steepness of the area
                      C. Scale of the map
                      D. None of the above

                                         Answer : B

                  9. The aligment of highways are generally taken along-
                       A. The vally line
                       B.  The ridge line
                       C.   Across the contour line
                       D. All of these

                                              Answer : B

                  10. When lower values are inside the loop , it indicates-
                         A. High ground
                         B. Level ground
                         C. A depression
                         D. Steep slope

                                      Answer : B

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