Qualities of good building stone

Qualities of good building stone : 

This article is helpful for ssc je civil engineering exam ( paper 2 ) . SSC JE  Exam are most popular in INDIA for engineering students. 


A good building stone should have the following qualities :

APPEARANCE : For face work it should have fine , compact texture , light-coloured stone is preferred as dark colours are likely to to fade out in due course of time.

Structure : A broken stone should not be dull in appearance and should have uniform texture free from cavities , crack and patches of loose or soft materials , stratifications should not be visible to naked eye.

Strength : A stone should be strong and durable to withstand the disintegrating action of weather. Compressive strength of building stones in practice range between 60 to 120 N/mm2.

Weight : It is indication of the porosity and density. For stability of structures such as dams, retaining walls etc. heavier stones are required , whereas for arches , vaults , domes , etc. light stones may be the choice .

Hardness : This property is important for floors, pavements, aprons of bridge etc . The hardness is determined by the Mohs scale .

Toughness : the measure of impact that a stone can withstand is defined as thoughness . The stone used should be tough when vibratory or moving loads are anticipated.

Specific Gravity : the specific gravity of most of the stones lies between 2.3 to 2.5

Workability : stone should be workable so that cutting , dressing and bringing it out in the required shape and size may not be uneconomical .

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